Equipment I can work on...

I have experience of a vast amount of electronic equipment, both domestic and professional, from the valve period until today.  Listed below is a sample of the professional equipment on which I have worked:
Tape Machines:  
3M,  Aces, Ampex,  EMI,  Ferrograph  Fostex, Leevers-Rich,  MCI,  Nagra,  Otari,  Philips,  Revox,  Scully, Sony,  Soundcraft,  Studer,  Vortexion.  Plus other less well known older machines.
Mixing desks:  
Alice,  Allen and Heath, API,  BBC,  Cadac,  Clyde,  DDA, Helios,  MCI,  Midas,  Neve, Olympic,  Raindirk,  Soundcraft,  Sound Techniques, SSL,  Trident,  Tweed Audio,  Vortexion.
Outboard and Amplifiers:  
AKG,  Altec,  Audio and Design, Audix,  BEL,  Bryston,  BSS, C-Audio,  Crown / Amcron,  DBX,  Dolby,  Drawmer, EMT,  Eventide,  Fairchild,  GML, Klark-Teknik,  Lexicon,  Neumann,  Neve,  NTP,  Orban,  Pulse Techniques (Pultek),  Quad,  RCA,  RTW,  Shure,  Siemens,  Sony,  Telefunken, Teletronix,  Tube Tech,  Universal Audio,  UREI.
Film Equipment:  
Gaumont-Kalee,  Perfectone Syncro Start,  RCA,  Westrex.




Test Equipment

I have a great range of test equipment available to help me solve your problems.  There is more than is listed below, but following is a list of the main kit.

Ivie Spectrum Analysis kit:  IE30A third octave analyzer, IE17B microprocesser audio analyzer, IE20B pink and white noise generator,IE1P microphone, IE2P microphone amplifier, 1133FF microphone, interfaces etc.
Hewlett Packard 141T swept frequency analyzer with Audio (30Hz to 300kHz) plug in, low frequency (1kHz to 110MHz) plug in and 8443A tracking generator for low frequency plug in.
Amber 3501 Distortion analyzer with battery and IMD options
Amber 3500 Distortion analyzer with battery and IMD options.

Hitachi V425, 40MHz dual trace scope with on screen cursors and volts and frequency measurement.
Tektronix 468, 100MHz dual trace scope with analogue storage and dual timebases with intensify and delay functions.
Tektronix 2445A, 150MHz 2/4 trace computer controlled scope with all options
Philips PM3234, 10MHz dual beam analogue storage scope
Philips PM3244, 100MHz 4 trace scope with dual timebases and dual display function.

Hewlett Packard 3312A function generator, 0.01Hz to 13MHz, sine, square and triangle waveforms, with AM and FM modulation.
Philips 6456 FM stereo generator, generates 100MHz FM pilot tone signals.
AVO RF generator, 50kHz to 80 MHz.
Advance J1 audio generator. 15Hz to 50kHz, output up to 25 volts RMS.
Philips PM5503 TV pattern generator
Amber 4400A Multipurpose Audio test set.
Amber 3500 and 3501 and Ivie IE20B as listed under analyzers.

Fluke 45 dual display multimeter.
Fluke 187 dual display multimeter.
Keithley 179 TRMS multimeter.
Avo model 9 multimeter
Fluke 110 multimeter
Fluke 337 AC/DC clamp meter.
Radford ANM2 True RMS AC microvoltmeter
Levell TM3 AC microvoltmeter.
Brandenburg 0-30kV high voltage meter.
B&K sound level meter type 2231 with BZ7101 statistical software, 1624 octave filter set and 4189 free field microphone.
Gaumont – Kalee wow and flutter meter.
Wolke Wow and flutter meter.
EMT Wow and flutter meter.
Component Measurement

Sencore LC53 capacitor and inductor analyzer.
Marconi TF2600 component bridge.
CD capacitor Tan Delta meter.
ABI Chipmaster digital IC tester.
Peak Design Atlas component analyzer
Tektronix 577 curve tracer.
Tektronix 575 curve tracer.
AVO CT160 valve characteristic meter.
Power supplies

Farnell E350 stabilized 350 volt DC and heater supply.
Farnell LT30/2  0 to 30 volt 2 amp dual supply.
Roband Varex 0 to 60 volt 5 amp supply.
Electrical test

Megger MIT320 Insulation tester.
Megger BM100/2 Insulation tester.
Seaward ELTS Earth Loop Impedance tester.
Robin 4118 Earth Loop Impedance tester.
Unitest RCD analyzer.
Voltstick, Test lamp, etc…
Other Kit

Universal EPROM programmer.
Whirlwind MD-1 monitor unit.
Optical tachometer with mechanical adapter.
Ampex flux loop amplifier.
Antron T1000 component signature analyzer and curve tracer.
Antron T850 short circuit locator.
Huntron Tracker 1000
Huntron Tracker 2000
Huntron DSI700.
Pace MBT201 soldering and vacuum desoldering unit.
Hacco-Ace vacuum desoldering gun.
Various spring balances and tension gauges
B&K 4220 Pistonphone. (for calibrating microphones)
Solar Electronics 9134-1, 100MHz current probe, max 100amps with 1 inch hole.
Hewlet Packard 1110A with 1111A current amplifier, 75MHz 1mA/div. current probe.
Philips 50MHz 1mA/div current probe.
Accurate stopwatch
ACO pacific dummy microphone.
Dranetz 626 mains monitoring equipment with a range of plugins.
Tentelometers (3) tape tension meters with calibration equipment.

Mechanical tools, verniers, micrometers, surface plates, height gauges, Studer setting gauges, Otari setting gauges, etc..


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