I started to search for other old astrology books.  I found a copy of ‘Christian Astrology’ by William Lilly in a bookshop in Cheltenham.  The owner was reluctant to part with it so I said “If you were to sell it, what would you ask for it?”  He said about £200, so I wrote a cheque and gave it to him.  He seemed to forget to be reluctant and sold me the book.
I met up with another astrologer, Catriona Mundle, and we formed Regulus Publishing Company and searched for other copies of “Christian Astrology” and eventually found 6. The were all carefully photocopied and cleaned up by a small army of dedicated astrologers with Rotring pens and Tippex.  We put our cash on the line and, after selling about 170 advanced copies at a knocked down price, went to the printers and printed 2000 copies.  We weren’t sure that we could sell that many but we went for it anyway!  Donald Weiser of Samuel Wieser Inc. advised us at the beginning and ordered 250 copies which meant that we could make the printers bill!  It was a success and we then published “Anima Astrologiae or The Astrologer’s Guide”.  This was a collection of aphorisms from Guido Bonatus and Jerom Cardan that had been translated from Latin by Henry Coley (William Lilly’s assistant) and edited by William Lilly.  It had been first published in 1676 and I came across a copy that had been published in 1886 and notes and a preface by the Victorian astrologer William Eldon Serjeant.  It is a really fascinating book that condenses so much knowledge into just 128 pages.  I still have about 50 copies left if anyone is interested.

At the time I was doing a lot of research into Primary Directions, an astrological predictive technique.  There was one clear and straightforward book written by Sepharial called “Directional Astrology”. We published that to a somewhat lesser success, but it did seem to stimulate debate on the subject of primaries.

I always wanted to publish Gadbury’s “Doctrine of Nativities” but I couldn’t find enough copies and then others were in the field who reset the text and published at cheaper prices than I could.
I still use astrology in my everyday life and have one of the best private libraries on the subject.
Regulus Publishing is now closed for business but a few of the books are available from me.

Anima Astrologiae or
The Astrologer’s Guide,
Bonatus / Jerom Cardan £8.75
Directional Astrology, Sepharial £14.50
A Confusion Of Prophets, Curry             £12.00
The True Horoscope of the US, Boyd             £6.00
The Marc Edmund Jones 500 Marc Edmund Jones         £11.00
Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting, McWhirter             £30.00
The Zodiac: A Life Epitome, Samson             £14.50
The Study of Astrology, Weingarten             £7.95

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